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For the one off purchases of Ulka pumps for repairs to your appliance. If you need performance details, Click on the item that you are interested in

First some basic info

Prices on the shop site include VAT at the standard rate for goods supplied to the UK.

We aim to dispatch goods within 48hours, or the same day if the order is placed before 2-00 PM

How to order

To order the correct pump from our shop you need to look at the label on the metal frame of the pump’ Look for the letters EP or EX for the larger pumps, NME for the smaller pumps. These letters are followed by a number such as 5, look them up in our shop list and check the voltage is the same as the one you have.

In some cases the EP or EX is followed by several other letters which denote a factory specification for a particular product and can be ignored. All the pumps with the same number, i.e. 5, or 8 etc. have the same performance. The difference between EP and EX is that the EP has a Glass Filled Nylon outlet and the EX has a brass outlet, both pumps of the same number have the same performance. The EX, brass outlet is usually fitted if the pump is close to a heat source such as a boiler.

If you are a company wanting to order volume amounts of pumps please email sales@scintillapumps.co.uk or to talk to a human call us on +44 (0)1491 825400 for a quotation

Delivery charges

Delivery charges will be added at Checkout and is dependent on your location and amount ordered, UK delivery is by courier, we aim for next working day delivery for orders placed and confirmed upto up to 16:00 (Local) Please see the delivery page within the Information tab for further details.

After selecting your purchases you will be taken to the Payment site where payment can be made using your credit card.